Me, Myself & I

Hiii to everyone, tonight im really relaxed in my homme, i don’t need anything and i really want to writte also about me, maybe, for my blog i have to show us more about me.
My name is Tamara 🙂 i’m 28 years old, i’m from Barcelona, i live with my boyfriend in a beautiful and small village near the sea called ” Sant Andreu de Llavaneres”, at this time i don’t work, i leaved one year ago, and actually i want to teach you and help with my blog ” a world in colours” un mundo de colores in spanish, that we can find solutions, whatever the problems, always because the live is a color palett with a lot of colours.
Im happy with this new project, and im thinking to grew up, i will like to make t~shirts and donate part the price of an association for the hungry.
Its a project but i will see… Is someone want to colaborate send me a comment 🙂


Tonight, im stretched on the soufa, and i was thinking about all that is happening in actually in the world!
Its really so difficult to live in PEACE, without hates each other, racism, laws without sense and against to the normal people!!
Really i will never understsnd why a little have the wealth world and millions of people, within them childrens, living in poverty and nobody, the governments don’t do nothing!


With my blog i want to help us throught my feelings, my books and my point of view about things.
We also show you happy and sweet outfits for day by day or special days 🙂

Really i want to convey positivity and you and also a little smile!


Every day the time goes more fast, we can do the good things for us, because everyone deserve happiness 🙂


If you want to know more about me and my posts you can mi visit my blog ” UN MUNDO DE COLORES”

TWITTER: @tamarita1985

I wish my very best wishes for everyone and take care! Be happy we live only one time!! 🙂




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