El amor/ the love / l’amour!

Hi bloggers!! Today i will try to writte in english about an important thing in ours lives, “the love”, for me is the most important things for have a beautiful life near the person who have all that you need.
This person will be, step by step, the most important person in our lifes and a really confident person that you trust!
The trust is one of the important things for keep a good relationship with your partner and enjoy the life together! 🙂

These days i wake up, and something changes in my mind, never is late when are coming good things, and for me this week will be special because i will go to take the best way for be happinnes near the persons who show me his really feelings abou me.
At my 28 years old, i feel that i need to be with good persons who makes me laught and love me for real, not for a moments or for interest!
Yes! At the end i’ ve matured as a person and my interest its to know really people who see and know how much i am!
Today is very difficult to find someone confident, for this reasons we have to assess the good persons that are near us, which, maybe we can count on one hand, but does it matter? The really important thing its to be near ours families, and the few true friends that we have, and show thems how importants are for us, because, in my point of view, we have to take care about us group that are in ours lifes because to give love is give us love too.


Know someone who to share life, experiences, travels, moments…is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Love moves mountains 🙂 and stay whit someone who makes you laught, protected and respect you is essential in life.


About me, after a bad mistake, i found 2 years ago a 6 months half a very good person who makes me happy every day! I live with him and is really good!
All people commits mistakes until find the rightest person, but is a law, and i tell us that everyone of us have the rightest person out there! Patience! 😀

Some of my favorites pictures 🙂 💗




For me its very important to find someone who respect me and love me! And i tell to everyone that each of us have your ideal partner out there! Im sure!

Love, love… sometimes so cruel but so pretty at final! I wish you all that you find your soulmate love 🙂 I’m sure!
Moving on, today i went to eat at a tradicional place that i love called “L’Espinaler”.



In conclusion,say that love is one of our best weapons for fight and we would not be without it because the people have to share our hearts since is a very big gift!


Good, talking about the love i finish my today post sending to everyone my best wishes! Be happy out there 😀 WE CAN DO IT!


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